Announcement: Term 2 begins on Monday 9th January 2017!
School Song

‘Understanding of Each Other’

From all the countries of the earth,

we come in turn to you,

of different races, different creeds

and different aspects too.

We learn together day by day,

in time our ways will part.

But with each one of us we'll take

‘Understanding of each other’.

May we go out from this our school

in the glory of our youth

and be prepared to live our lives

with courage, honour and truth.

And as the days pass one by one

may we be made to see

the greatest gift in life can be

‘Understanding of Each Other’.

Of all the lessons we have learned

the greatest one must be

that all the peoples of the earth

should live in harmony.

No need for war no need for strife,

for we can surely see

the way towards a peaceful life

is ‘Understanding of Each Other’.

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