Announcement: Term 2 begins on Monday 9th January 2017!
Author Mr. Ekow Pierre’s visit to GIS Infants School (Nursery) ..Simply Inspirational!

The Infant school recently had the privilege of having Author, Mr. Ekow Pierre come to read his book ‘A is for Accra’ to the Nursery children who have been focusing on the phonics sound ‘A’...

Mr. Ekow Pierre reading his book ‘A is for Accra’ to the Nursery children

The children were excited to see the treasures of their beautiful home town Accra, as well as learn about different aspects of Ghanaian culture through the beautifully illustrated book.

They were bursting with questions for Mr. Pierre, including the question: “What made you become an author?” To this, he shared his story about his love and longing to visit Ghana and how his memories of this beautiful country prompted him to write a book all about Accra for his young daughter.

‍He reminded all the children of their writing potential and explained to them in simplest terms, how to go about it. He said; “All you need is an idea, then you write your idea into a story.”  It was such a joy to see the children so inspired.

So watch out! We now have an inspired set of brilliant children, fired up and raring to write out  and illustrate their own amazing stories of our very treasured Accra.

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