Announcement: Term 2 begins on Monday 9th January 2017!
GIS Students Participate in the 2017 Ghana Triathlon Competition
Triathlon competition event grounds at the University of Ghana, Legon Campus

Ghana International School's (GIS) Atticus Boone, Isaiah Bruce-Muller, William Tillo (all Form 5 students) along with two siblings: Nitya Saxena (Form 1) and Jia Saxena (Class 6) took on a physically and mentally demanding sports event. They participated in the Ghana Triathlon Federation Youth Series which was organized at the University of Ghana, Legon campus.

Atticus Boone(left), Isaiah Bruce-Muller(middle) and William Tillo (right), 3 out of 5 competitive GIS students who participated in the 2017 Ghana Triathlon Competition.

This year, the event was designed for two age categories: children between 8-12 years and teenagers between the ages of 13-17 years. It required participants in the children’s category to swim 100m, bike 2.5km and run 1.5km  while participants in the teenage category swim 300m, immediately run from the pool, hop on a bike and ride 5km then finish the event with a 3km run .

One of the many objectives of the Ghana Triathlon Federation is to see more people from Ghana not only participate but win medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games while building  a young team to take over the older generation.

We are proud to announce that all five GIS participants finished the race! Atticus, Isaiah, William, Nitya and Jia performed above expectation. We are extremely proud to have students from the School participate and shine this year. The next olympic medalist could just be a GIS. student!

Thank you all for making GIS proud! Kudos!

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