Announcement: Term 2 begins on Monday 9th January 2017!
Prefects Campaign and Reading of Manifestos towards the 2017-2018 elections
Meet our Lower Sixth Form students, all confidently vying for prefectorial positions.

Prefects serve as a monitoring body and are elected by the entire secondary school after a campaign period. There are 14 prefect positions headed by the senior girls prefect (Head Girl) and the senior boys prefect (Head Boy). Only Sixth Formers may be elected as prefects. Elections take place in the second term and prefects serve on discipline committees. It is an honour to serve as a prefect and only those with good academic and behaviour records may stand for elections.

Who will our 2018-2019 New Prefects be? Only time will tell as they convincingly read their manifestos to win the votes of fellow students and staff. Best of luck to all aspiring candidates as voting takes place tomorrow.

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